Compassion Advocacy Network, Inc., (CAN) is a public charity founded March 3, 2003 to provide compassion and advocacy to disadvantaged and at-risk populations. We achieve our mission through charitable and educational programs for needy residents of nursing homes, high-risk/at-risk children, kids with absentee parent(s), kids with severe medical challenges, students suspended from school and adult parolees serious about turning their lives around. Our focus areas are:

  • Provide mentoring and alternative to suspension education programs that support local school districts.
  • Educate children on real life issues to increase their chances for success.
  • Address needs such as hunger and homelessness.
  • Support for children with brain cancer helps kids to experience the great joys of the world as a patient or survivor.
  • Help residents of nursing homes to be treated with dignity and have a better quality of life.
  • To assist select parolees in finding housing, education and employment to once again become productive citizens.
  • Form partnerships with businesses, organizations and individuals whose community minded goals align with the mission of CAN.
  • Work to enhance the quality of life in local communities through events and activities that promote cultural diversity and involve public policy, community beautification, and civic leadership.

We distribute over 2,500 birthday CAN bags a year through Operation ‘Sweet” heart. These bags include items such as shampoo, lotion, socks, puzzle books & snacks. We also distributed over 15 wheelchairs. We clocked in over 1,556 volunteer hours of either visitation or some type of activity or educational involvement between 9 nursing homes during the year. We tracked over 8,000 miles per year to the nursing homes.

Our AR-CH program, which serves kids with an absentee parent (at-risk and high-risk youth) clocked in over 1500 volunteer hours either working directly with children, mentoring, taking the children on excursions and feeding their families every week for the year. We clocked in over 10,000 miles for the year.

We have taken many excursions, fed families, handed out clothes, coats, personal care and household items and Christmas gifts, given scholarship money to several kids for SAT tests, graduation gowns, school uniforms, NROTC pins and clothing, March Madness trips, summer camps, and youth events. We have read to children and they have read to us. Achieving this kind of success requires vision, adaptability, and sensitivity to people’s needs, innovative thinking, and community responsiveness. Compassion for suffering people demands no less. Please, donate today. Your investment will return immeasurable results.

3131 Azalea Garden Road
Suite A
Norfolk, Virginia 23513
T: 757.622.8226

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